The Wright Way

The Wright Way

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Alternative Therapies - BBC2

I missed Monday 17th March transmission of Prof. Kathy Sykes' programme on Hypnotherapy, but I was able to catch up with it here.....
It is available until 24th March to watch.

Having read in advance a mixture of positive and adverse criticisms and reviews I knew I would need to be especially watchful of nuances within the programme.
For me the really interesting meat in the programme sandwich came with Kathy Sykes' discussions with a number of other Professors. Irving Kirsch, Amir Raz, Peter Whorwell and Pierre Rainville, in their separate ways, illuminated for me a interesting level of research that is going on "out there".
I have been working a lot this winter and spring studying the effects of visual field enhancement on skills outcomes for young cricketers - this includes enhancing both actual visual activity as well as using visualizations. Professor Kirsch's work in particular I found fascinating in this regard and I will follow this up with interest as I continue with my case studies in this area.

Another interesting and revealing part of the programme was the lady in Glasgow who underwent complex dental surgery using the analgaesic effects of hypnosis. I was filled with admiration for her dentist (also her hypnotherapist) who kept up a dialogue with her unconscious as he performed the procedures on 2 of her front teeth. The person most stunned was Prof Sykes - who by this stage in her "journey" to find out more about hypnotherapy was clearly warming to the whole subject.

My overall impression of the programme was of one that started out at quite a basic almost street level but finished by being reasonably scientifically based.
For most people outside therapy and science I surmise the programme would not be that interesting......which means we must commend the BBC and Kathy Sykes for some further illumination for the rest of us really interested parties!