The Wright Way

The Wright Way

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lamplighters 2


Many years ago before electric street lights, the lamplighter was a man who was employed by the town to go round lighting all the street lamps at the onset of evening, and minding them and keeping them lit throughout the night. He would also put them out in the morning.
This book is a metaphorical look at lamplighting, and instances where we can take steps to keep our mental lamps alight and the streets of our life well lit. It takes a closer look at some of our cultural myths, preconceptions and superstitions. It examines some of the "young wives' tales" that sneak, via parlance, into the fabric of our understanding of our world - that world that our perceptions have, often while we were looking the other way, fashioned into being 'the real world'.

I am delighted to announce that "Lamplighters" - which I wrote back in 2012 - is now available as an Audiobook, narrated and produced (or as I like to put it, REALISED) by Ana Clements.

When I use the word 'Realise' in the way I have mentioned above, it encompasses so much more than just 'produced by', let's say. I actually use the meaning of the word in French -réalisation -
which encomapasses meaning such as achievement, accomplishment
in performance terms - fulfilment.
Indeed, I would say the intention and meaning of what I wrote more than
five years ago has now been fulfilled, in an utterly magical way,
by Ana Clements' reading. 
In truth, for me as the author, I discovered so much more about my own
creative writing when I heard Ana's interpretation of my words. I heard things,
I noticed meanings, that I could never have heard via my own voice - which is
the way we hear things when we read to ourselves. We "hear" via our own
"internal voice" - and my own voice, reading my own words, was clearly not
capable of conveying all the substance, the meaning, I had embedded 

within my own text.

This was an alchemy that I had not expected nor had been prepared for. I had
encountered a whole new layer of understanding that brought spontaneous
tears, laughter, smiles, nods of approval, and occasional sighs of amazement.

That was how it was for me.

It is my sincerest wish that you will, as I have, hear something new, essential
and relevant for you in your Life and experience going forward. The book is - as
I have announced it - a metaphorical look at Lamplighting; an invitation for you
to rub your eyes, to blink and see things in a new light, to shift certain aspects
of the mindsets and patterns you employ in your Life, and to notice how once 
we set out to transform our thinking, alter our perspective, that we are, 
quite often, presented with a future that is altogether more compelling.

The book itself is available in paperback and Kindle versions. However, I would
invite you to use these as mere backdrop to the real REALISATION that Ana 

Clements brings to the words.

It is a collaboration I have enjoyed hugely and one that I hope we can continue
in some of my other titles!

If you would like a free Promotional copy then please "follow" me on this blog
with your email, and I will forward details of how to obtain your Promo copy!
Numbers are limited!  

You will also find below a link to 30 day free trial on Audible and snap up a copy of
Lamplighters for a price as next to nothing as one can get! 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dashing away with It

“Phew!” I said to myself as I’d just finished a mammoth ironing stint, comprising a dozen handkerchiefs, six shirts, a couple of pairs of chinos, some pillowcases, et al. Actually, the “et al” bit was the stuff we don’t iron of course – the stuff our ‘public’ never sees – and NO, heaven forbid, I don’t waste valuable time on the invisibles!  

They say ironing is one of those tasks that can be a chore for some, relaxing for others, and a neuro-pathway to wisdom for those familiar with Zen and the Art of Smoothing Cloth.
Yet, for most of us it’s a marmite thing – you either love it or you hate it.

Modus Operandi

So when you set out to iron your mammoth, whether you view it as a chore-bore, or a pathway to enlightenment, there are - assuming that you ARE an ironer of course and not just a receiver of the smoothly finished articles - a number of givens.

There has to be a level of attentive engagement, even if only for safety's sake. This attentive engagement links the ironer into a level of concentration that's up there with finely chopping onions. Pay less attention and fingers – or worse – will get scalded, or burnt! So the caveats really should be minded and applied at the start of the mammoth stint, when we’re tuning-up our concentration, so to speak!

Now concentration, of course, is a blend of attention and focus.
And once into the ironing session, our mind can almost allow our focus to occupy the conscious foreground whilst our attention can drift into contemplation or reverie.
With reverie we’ll be off on a daydream, a transport of delight, borne on gossamer wings to Shangri-la.
With contemplation, however, there’s a degree of structural direction to our trains of thought. It is much less of a mystery tour when things go along these lines. We board at the stations, and alight at our destinations.

And there are lines on the cloth for the iron to smooth away; and there are lines in our contemplative attention as well, where our rolling stock goes over points, slows for signals,  passes through and sometimes arrives at stations.
And we might, possibly, change trains here too ... somewhere else ...
That’s how it is with trains of thought.


Now if we see the ironing process as a chore-bore, we will – inevitably – want to get it over with as soon as possible. We’ll rush the consciously-focussed smoothing the cloth bit – and will actually miss the entire alternative universe that is going on here. A universe that can bring us back in tune with ourselves; a universe that can bring rest and renewal; a universe where something insightful might arrive and be noticed!

The other by-product of rushing is that there will be flaws in the ironing. It will be a bit slapdash.

“But who cares?” You may well say! “I’m very busy! I haven’t got time for all that woo-woo, mind stuff. I just want the clothes to look as if someone has taken a bit of trouble to do the wretched ironing. Just so the world can see that someone in this house actually cares!”
Ah – so there’s your answer to who cares! YOU do!

And here’s the thing –
We seem to be doing the ironing, albeit in a rush, not for ourselves but for THE WORLD?
Does the WORLD care whether we do the ironing or not – really?
No, the world doesn’t care at all. As far as the world is concerned, we are not obliged to do the ironing. The sun will come up tomorrow whether we do it or not!

Do it with Care

So perhaps if we ARE going to be doing a bit of “Dashing away with a smoothing iron” then we should remember who it is we are doing it for.

It is a bit like
chadō, the Japanese Tea-Making Ceremony.
It is almost devotional - and the alternative universe bit that is going on with the ironing, is there for no other purpose than for us to merely be present with.
It is a gift, let’s say, from the universe to Us, as the ironer.

And perhaps the greatest irony when we do it with care rather than at a rush is this -
we will do a better quality smoothing job, in the same time, with far less conscious effort, feel more renewed and less tired, and feel a real sense of fulfilment.

We’ll turn our sad-rags into glad-rags!

Monday, March 6, 2017


Tomorrow is going to be unique. 

There will not be another 13th March 2017.
Of course this is just a label we have given tomorrow using our human system of calendar dating.
Yet of course we know that the word "Tomorrow" is also a label and - if we were arguing semantics - "Tomorrow" is repeated for all eternity whilst 13th March 2017 will be replaced by another "uniquely" labelled date when a certain period of "time" has passed. 

So tomorrow is not REALLY going to be unique though is it?

Or is it?

Like any other day, we know it will comprise only as many NOW moments that our Consciousness will provide for us.
And if you wake up and then get up earlier than me, your Consciousness will provide you with more NOW moments than MY Consciousness will provide ME. 

This means your 13/3/17 will contain more NOW moments than my 13/3/17. 
However, my Consciousness may very well be MORE engaged with every one of my NOW moments than your Consciousness is with your NOW moments.
Which means that I will, quite probably, experience a higher quality of engagement with my NOW than you will do with your NOW.
And the simple conclusion here is this:-
It is through the QUALITY of our Conscious engagement with our NOW moments that we get to optimise our experience of any day.

Now the key question to remember here is this:-
Who chooses the QUALITY of our Conscious engagement with our each and every NOW moment? 

Why, WE DO of course!

Have a NICE day!