The Wright Way

The Wright Way

Monday, December 17, 2007

Why we all gripe at politicians

Last week I watched the news.....something quite rare for me!!

There was a report about the Police pay dispute and the tinkering nuances of the Home Secretary, backed up by the Treasury and the PM. Monetary downside to government - circa £20m.
Immediately following this there was a report on the new government package of aid for Afghanistan - £105m.
Later on in my local news there was a report on the job cuts in the Fire Service brought about by reduction in central government support for Local Government.

Bearing in mind the government is already in murky waters because of treatment of pay for soldiers overseas (some in Afghanistan I might add), you'd think they might take a look at the big picture here. Some tinkering with the pots of money mentioned could sort all their problems out at a stroke....and still leave the Afghans well catered for.

Perhaps, as a dealer in quick fixes and efficacious therapies, I wear the wrong coloured spectacles......but then I expect in the eyes of such opinionated and important politicians I deal in quack remedies.
Strange world isn't it?

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