The Wright Way

The Wright Way

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Being Vocal! (The Worry Exams in audio)

Almost a year ago, when I was still collating feedback from reviewers of 'Mind How You Go', a good friend suggested I perhaps do audio versions of some of my blog articles - especially as many of them have a subsequent habit of finding their way into one or other of my books!

Since then 'Mind How You Go' has been published and I have also published another (shorter) book called 'Lamplighters' ** - yet still no audio chapters!

At long last I'm happy to say, I've finally got round to the task of recording some of the articles - the first of which "The Worry Exams" is linked here below. Some of you may have already read it - either on this blog, or as a chapter in "Lamplighters". You may find it interesting to listen to my vocal interpretation and perhaps notice some things that perhaps did not at first come to light when reading with your own 'internal voice'.

In case you are not familiar with the 'canvas of perceptive change' I was seeking to draw when writing "Lamplighters", here is the resume.

Many years ago before electric street lights, the lamplighter was a man who was employed by the town to go round lighting all the street lamps at the onset of evening, and minding them and keeping them lit throughout the night. He would also put them out in the morning.

'Lamplighters' is a metaphorical look at lamplighting, and instances where we can take steps to keep our mental lamps alight and the streets of our life well lit. It takes a closer look at some of our cultural myths, preconceptions and superstitions. It examines some of the 'young wives tales' that sneak, via parlance, into the fabric of our understanding of the world - that world that our perceptions have, often while we were looking the other way, fashioned into being 'the real world'.

This audio is the first in a series of chapters from "Lamplighters". I also plan to do a series of audio chapters from "Mind How You Go" - all of which will appear on my YouTube Channel.
** - "Lamplighters" is the title on the Kindle version, and if you order the paperback from Amazon or Lulu or elsewhere it is entitled "Lamplighters 2".

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