The Wright Way

The Wright Way

Monday, March 6, 2017


Tomorrow is going to be unique. 

There will not be another 13th March 2017.
Of course this is just a label we have given tomorrow using our human system of calendar dating.
Yet of course we know that the word "Tomorrow" is also a label and - if we were arguing semantics - "Tomorrow" is repeated for all eternity whilst 13th March 2017 will be replaced by another "uniquely" labelled date when a certain period of "time" has passed. 

So tomorrow is not REALLY going to be unique though is it?

Or is it?

Like any other day, we know it will comprise only as many NOW moments that our Consciousness will provide for us.
And if you wake up and then get up earlier than me, your Consciousness will provide you with more NOW moments than MY Consciousness will provide ME. 

This means your 13/3/17 will contain more NOW moments than my 13/3/17. 
However, my Consciousness may very well be MORE engaged with every one of my NOW moments than your Consciousness is with your NOW moments.
Which means that I will, quite probably, experience a higher quality of engagement with my NOW than you will do with your NOW.
And the simple conclusion here is this:-
It is through the QUALITY of our Conscious engagement with our NOW moments that we get to optimise our experience of any day.

Now the key question to remember here is this:-
Who chooses the QUALITY of our Conscious engagement with our each and every NOW moment? 

Why, WE DO of course!

Have a NICE day!

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