The Wright Way

The Wright Way

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't Think of a Black Cat

On Sunday I met a couple who I haven't seen hardly since we were all part of a small ante-natal class well over 25 years ago! It was great to catch up on a lot of stuff especially what and where our children are at present. Along the way I did have have to explain to them what NLP was.
Hot on the heels of this, today I received latest issue of "Cultivate Life!" - the weekly e-magazine from Trans4Mind, which reminded me that my article "Is Not To Be To Be?" is in their article archive.

It's an outline of NLP's background and core tenets and forms the basis of the preface to Don't Think of a Black Cat, my Opus 1. It still seems surprisingly fresh after nearly two years!

If you're short of Christmas present stocking fillers then DO think of a Black Cat. It could change someone's life!!

It is at this link:-


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