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The Wright Way

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Boswellian sense of franking?


One of this morning's emails was an invitation from an office machine company to try out a franking machine for free - which they billed as ...
"Free Franking Trial"

 ... and then off went my train of thought!

A Franking Trial eh, which will enable me to gain franking sense, presumably?

And of course, armed with this 6th (or maybe even 7th) sense I could then take on the role of a latter-day King Melchior, even though his original references are buried in antiquity along with that gold and myrrh.

So - do I sense a burning desire here to take them up on this Free Franking Trial? To be honest - no, quite frankly. Because this was spam, all very much designed to get me to part with my gold.


This morning's client session was, ostensibly, all about her relationship with food. Although it turned out - as is usually the case - that it is never just about how that food relationship is playing out in our lives like that isn't it. That playing out is sequentially consequential, for when we are distracted or focussed elsewhere then a different sequence is running. And too of course, where else in our lives do other sequences and strategies run, or walk, or grind to halt so that a little further down the line we end up stuck?


And so also it is a literary obsession, where a writer's relationship with words can turn out some of the finest poetic rhymings.
However, our language to ourselves is, and ever shall be, the vehicle for many a mantra to distract, divert and coerce us into taking a different path in our lives. And our language is the very mortar that holds us firmly bound on that path, towards that place - further down the line - of no more comings and goings.
And though there seems no rhyme or reason for this impasse in our lives, we often seem powerless to break free. So -

Pause traveller and spare a thought for the gazelle in the lion's jaws.


When our thought stream rages like a river in flood, and the mill race turns the wheel at breakneck speed, there is so much white water and debris in our mind that we cannot make good flour to feed our conscious appetite.
In the very ordinary of our lives we need to know how to be masters over our own minds - we need to know who has charge of the run of the mill. While we cannot control the torrent or indeed any facets of the stream - we can control the head of the mill race and the subsequent speed of the mill wheel.

And we intuitively know that when we have good quality flour, then our lives can begin to blossom once more.


And when flowers and blooming, like that, what happens to fragrance, aromas and scents?

In a sense we know intuitively, rather as seeds follow blossom, that the generation of change in our lives for next year and the future is there to be nurtured, cared for and managed until integrated into the very fabric our being.

Then we can mill good flour, eat well, and consign life's spam back from whence it came.

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