The Wright Way

The Wright Way

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Prelude & Fugue (Getting results)

A Friend wrote online ...

“Just picked up my exam results for January - so nervous but really happy with a C in tautology and a D in mental studies! Not the best but passes nonetheless.”
My reply was ...

I’d invite you to consider the possibility that the most significant exam is the one that points towards your understanding of why you felt nervous.
* * *
There was a chorus in a well-known song back-along that went like this:-
“T’ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it – That’s what gets results.”
And, in a tautological way I suppose, this reveals the true meaning and purpose behind our taking exams in the first place.
OK, on the outside it’s all about proving something to the world – the “I got a C and a D in X and Y” in this instance – yet if you look a little deeper, this true meaning actually applies to any and all exams. And, if every experience, every action, every decision, every consideration are of themselves also examinations, then it can be concluded that we are actually taking exams every moment of our lives.
This being so, it is clear to see that his nervousness leading up to, and in the act of, his “picking up my exam results for January” had no bearing upon either C or D.
Did the behavioural experience of nervousness have a role to play in terms of the level of happiness at getting a C and a D, however?

Consider also the objectivity of final statement: revealing the possibility that the purpose of all the angst, the nerves and the happiness, is a rationalisation of the true outcome.
So what happens for you when you pick up your exam results?
Do you really see what passes for nervousness as being something of purpose?
Does the best possible outcome significantly stand in the way of your understanding –
Be it of mental studies, tautology, or even life?



“T’ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it – That’s what gets results.
T’ain’t what you do it’s the time that you do it, whether or not it’s half past three.
T’ain’t what you do it’s the place that you do it.
And when you try hard to learn your ABCD’s – it don’t mean a thing
To the thing that you bring if you’re thinking about the results of the thing.
T’ain’t what you sing it’s the way that you sing it –
and what you can get with the freedom to swing it –

And the more you engage with How, When and Where for,
The more you’ll discover just what you are there for,
The outcome’s the purpose you needn’t prepare for -
Then you “gets” results!
Whatever your feelings on every new waking,
Remember in there is a cave. And breaking
The train of your thought and where you it’s taking -
Brings you new results.

And when you let go and just enjoy singing the notes are the joys
To the table you’re bringing.
When you feel that your rhythm of life is just swinging –
Then you’ll have “results”!
When your ABCD’s are all about timing, when you look from the top
of the place you’ve been climbing,
When the bells on your church start pealing and chiming -
Now you’ve got results.

When you don’t weigh the things that you want before playing,
When you play with such heart and a power that’s staying,
And remember the words of that familiar saying –
“T’ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it – That’s what gets results!”

For those of who who might like the audio version - click on the above!

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